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24 1/2”L x 240”D x 78”H 

Stainless steel top filled with wood


• 2 tall cabinets #MG-3072
• 4 head cabinets #MG-1230
• 2 computer cabinets #MG-1231
• 2 super wide drawer cabinets 60” #ME-6105
• 2 shelf carts #MW-1000
• Stainless steel backing
• Stainless steel base cover
• Adjustable bases


Standard colors



Heavy duty steel construction, forged steel handles, standard stainless steel kick plate, stainless steel working surface and back stopper power bars, full length hinges, high resistant powder coating: because they’re made with these high-quality materials, Metalia workstations offer unmatched performance and come with a lifetime guarantee. With our modular design you can create a custom made workbench to suit your needs. Build your own station by adding door cabinets, shelf cart cabinets, integrated waste cans, computer cabinets, modular drawers and so much more.

For a totally integrated concept, we offer you our new LED lighting systems: the ME-7580 illuminates the inside of each drawer, the unique MW-7590 VisionPlus LED stretches out from the workstation to enlighten the car’s engine, and finally, the MW-7600 operates on your working surface. These great innovations come from our research and development people, a team always focused on users’ needs.

All METALIA workstation components are built with high-quality heavy duty materials. By offering you a variety of design possibilities, they expand as you grow and are compatible with your environment and expectations.

In order to lighten up your daily tasks, we offer the best. Workbenches, cabinets and drawers are equipped with LED lighting system, a state of art source of illumination. Day after day, you can rely on a sustainable and competitive working mate, because all our Metalia workstations come with a lifetime guarantee

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