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Attic Ladders

Attic Ladders

Fakro attic ladders were desgined to provide easy and safe access to the attic space.

Uninhabited attic space is very often used as an extra storage space. Access to the attic must be safe, because very often large objects are carried to and from  the attic. Fakro attic ladders are specially designed for this purpose, guarantees comfortable and solid access to the attic.

Fakro ladders design and  materials used for production, guarantee easy, comfortable, and safe access to the attic. The quick fixing system enables the ladders to be easily installed by two persons, and also enables easy ladders height adjustment.

Range of Fakro attic ladders consists of (see table):

  • wooden folding ladder (LWN)
  • wooden folding ladder (LWP)
  • thermo ladder (LWT)
  • fire rated wooden folding ladder (LWF)
  • wooden DIY folding ladder (LWS-M)
  • wooden folding ladder (OWM)
  • metal folding ladder (LMS) /previous name LWM/
  • scissors ladder (LST)
  • fire rated scissors ladder (LSF)
  • wooden stationary staircase (MSU)